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The Zythologist is a science-based brewery and analytical testing company. This means we not only make unique combinations of flavour molecules in beer, but also help craft breweries improve their beers and processes.

We are a group of PhD scientists and engineers that have a passion for beer and learning how things work. Our approach towards brewing was a bit different. To make high-quality beer, we first started discovering how brewing works chemically, analysing beer and what constitutes its quality.

There are over 40 dimensions and 300 compounds impacting flavour and quality that help shape beer in a specific way and their analysis can be quite complex. The insights derived from these analyses have the potential to improve efficiencies, save costs, and offer a path for product differentiation. We soon realised this is the true path to redefining the standard of beer.


In late 2018, we founded Monash BrewLab, Australia’s first student-led brewing team, at Monash University. After leading an amazing development up to its current success, we wanted to continue with our legacy after graduation.

So in 2021, after having finished our degrees and acquired experience in commercial brewing, we created The Zythologist!

We later became affiliated with the Chemical Engineering department at Monash University. This allowed us to incorporate education and research to our existing pillars of beer production and analysis.

We continue to develop research and development projects alongside Monash University, Monash BrewLab, and other industries in the craft beer world.

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Daniel Rojas Sanchez


With a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, Daniel combines the scientific expertise of a researcher with the passion of a beer enthusiast. He has expertise in brewing processes and beer analysis, paired with a strong voice for sustainable practices. He uses his academic background in environmental modelling, his experience as the director of Monash BrewLab, and his professional path as a sustainability consultant to achieve his goal of redefining the future of craft beer.

Gina Pacheco Arredondo


Gina has a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering focused in biotechnology and a Masters of Science in Biochemistry. She is a skilled researcher specialised in protein engineering, microbiology and analytical techniques in the brewing, food, pharmaceutical and environmental areas. Her experience as Technical Operations Manager of Monash BrewLab and PC2 laboratory manager have made her an advocate for safety and safe work practices (and sanitation).

Shivam Tandon


Chemical Engineer and an innovative brewer, Shiv was introduced to brewing with a scientific lens during university and as Technical Operations Deputy Manager of Monash BrewLab. This mix of brewing and science ultimately shaped Shiv’s degree, leading to specialising in yeast metabolites and kinetics. He is an experienced brewer with expertise in brewing processes, microbiology recipe development, and remote brewing laboratory operations.