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Analytical services

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Our wide range of laboratory tests and services offer analytical insights that can:

  • validate the integrity of the finished product;
  • measure the presence of specific compounds in beer;
  • quantify the organoleptic footprint of your beer; 
  • unlock greater process and quality control; and
  • help drive innovation through product development.


We offer beer testing services ranging from routine checks for quality control and consistency (such as alcohol, bitterness, dissolved oxygen) to specialised testing for hops compounds, off-flavours, yeast-derived compounds, and microbiological management, which can help in product development and recipe creation.

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Ensure your products are meeting the intended specifications and maintain the consistent taste and quality your customers expect.

Tests for ABV, Colour, IBU, Dissolved Oxygen and more.


In a highly competitive brewing industry, it is necessary to continuously innovate and create new exciting products that differentiate you. Our analytical tests can help you unlock new possibilities.

Tests for hop compounds, yeast-derived compounds, adjuncts and more.


Having trouble with nailing down a specific product? Want to improve processes and efficiencies? We can help you identify source points for process, product and shelf-stability issues.

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