about the beer

Refraction is a phenomenon where light is distorted when it passes from one medium to another. Newton discovered that visible light was composed of waves of different lengths, and each wavelength reflects a different colour. When light enters a prism, it slows down and bends, causing the wavelengths to separate and portray their respective colours. The bright light of Frexi Brewing through the prism of The Zythologist creates a wide spectrum of flavours and aromas reminiscent of the peoples that conform them. This is a unique beer vector caused by a cultural angle of deviation.


Contains: Water, malt, hops, yeast, hibiscus, cumin, orange, and maize.



Pils, Wheat, Munich, Maize, Oats




Hibiscus, Orange Peel, Cumin


Belgian Wit

Our Process

how it's made?

To kickstart this summer, we have joined forces with our good mates at Frexi Brewing to bring a drinkable beer with many layers to those interested in discovering something truly new. Paying homage to flavours and aromas of our backgrounds, we have created such a unique beer we had to coin a different style for it: a Hindo Mexican Blanche.

Refraction is brewed using a non traditional grain bill consisting of Pilsner malt, Wheat, Maize and a handful of Oats giving this beer a truly unique malt backbone. Orange and Vanilla notes from late addition of Lotus hops compliment the Orange peel powder while addition of Cumin plays with natural phenolics from Wit yeast. Complex flavours intermingle in a sea of hibiscus tartness making this beer densely layered yet bright and highly quaffable.


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