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UNiversity projects

Working in partnership with Monash University, The Zythologist incorporates brewing sciences as part of coursework to better equip students with skills valued in the brewing and engineering industry. We also facilitate research projects with the University with the goal of establishing a hub for innovation and development, further bridging the gap between research and industry.

Recently, The Zythologist helped deliver a unit within the Department of Chemical Engineering at Monash University and BioPRIA to design, construct and operate a pilot-scale biological engineering lab to study and help identify the opportunities of sustainable design in the brewing process. 

We are continuously working in partnership with universities and institutes to facilitate research and innovation. Get in touch with us today to enquire how we can help you bring your project to life!

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Join our classes where we study the fun yet complex art of brewing down to the molecular level to help you brew your best beer every time! The Zythologist looks at home brewing with a scientific lens, narrowing the gap between commercial and home brewing. There are product reviews, experiments, in-depth explanations, tips and tricks, interviews, behind the scenes of how we brew our beers and a whole lot of science. Whether you are just starting or are already highly-skilled, there will be something for everyone to learn and implement to become a better brewer. 

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