about the beer

Momentum can be understood as mass in motion. Buridan built on the ideas of Philoponus and Avicenna to define momentum as “impetus”, being proportional to the weight times the speed and only reduced by opposing forces. As parts of the equation, The Zythologist created the mass and Ranges Coffee incorporated the velocity to move this beer into momentum. Maple, cacao, vanilla, and dark malts are sped up with the caffeine to start the day with this breakfast stout and get in motion. There’s no opposing force that can stop you now!

Brewed with Single Origin coffee from Ranges Coffee located in the Yarra Valley.

Ingredients: Water, Malts, Hops, Yeast, Lactose, Cacao, Coffee, Vanilla & Maple.


Pale, Wheat, Oats, Brown, Chocolate, Cara, Roasted Barley




Lactose, Cacao nibs, Cold Brew Coffee, Vanilla Paste, Maple Syrup



Our Process

how it's made?

We combined a hefty grain bill full of speciality malts with a typical breakfast spread of oats, milk sugars, cacao, coffee, maple and vanilla to deliver this rich and decadent breakfast stout which sure will put you into motion. There is no force that can stop you now!

Organic Cacao nibs were gently roasted to bring out a rich toasty chocolate note before adding to the beer. Single Origin coffee beans from the Yarra Valley were used to extract a cold brew concentrate using a slow drip method. Real Vanilla paste and Maple were then combined with the beer towards the end of fermentation to lend rich and robust aromatics to the stout.

Fermented with our house blend of English yeast strains.


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