Birrateque drinking vessel (Boomstick 420ml)- 1pc

Birrateque drinking vessel (Boomstick 420ml)- 1pc

Made in collaboration with the fine folks over at Boomstick glassware, this is a fine piece of equipment to enjoy quality craft beer out off. Take your drinking experience to the next level.


Packed full of sensory characteristics, this Beer Tester Glass acts as a universal glass for all craft beers. Designed to be light and elegant, these glasses gather foam in a fine layer, enhance specific aromas, and bring to light the full spectrum of aromas within beer. They’re also filled with edgy style, with their long stems and tulip-shaped bowls.

Birrateque Beer Tester Glass Set features:

  • Made in Italy.
  • Made with Luigi Bormiolo’s ‘SON.hyx’ glass formula for ultra clarity.
  • Glass is totally transparent and will remain so for over 4,000 industrial dishwasher cycles.
  • Distributes the beer more widely across the mouth, not just to the centre of the tongue.
  • Allows beer to flow slowly into the mouth avoiding any turbulence, so that you can perceive all the gustatory and aromatic elements.
  • Grip helps to avoid heat transfer from hand to beer.
  • Maintains the foam at an adequate level when drinking. This inhibits the oxidation of the beer and ensures its flavour.
  • A universal glass suited to all craft beer varieties.

Height: 20.5cm.
Capacity: 420ml.


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